Government digital strategy – more politics needed

A commentary on the newly published government digital strategy, interesting less for what it says about the substance, and more for what it says about how to create strategies in a political context. Without strong political (and democratic) foundations and a clear route to delivery, a strategy will fail, however strong its analysis and conclusions.

Matthew Cain – RSA

Data and AI

How much faith should we have in data?

An excellent talk by the chief executive of the Open Data Institute, reflecting on how to increase our safeguards against algorithmic bias in big data applications.

Jeni Tennison – ODI Fridays

Future of work

The future of jobs

A global study of future trends in jobs, based on survey evidence from senior HR people around the world. There is a fairly detailed microsite with supporting analysis of various kinds, as well as the main report itself.

World Economic Forum

Data and AI Future of work Innovation

JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours

A telling example of the kinds of work automation is now reaching: automated interpretation of complex legal documents removing the need for skilled human scrutiny. Also interesting on the focus on technology innovation – high levels of investment and explicit recognition that some initiatives will fail.

Hugh Son – Bloomberg