Data and AI

The wired brain: How not to talk about an AI-powered future

It’s tempting to think that artificial intelligence is on a trajectory to becoming like human intelligence except, well, artificial. But just as vacuum cleaners aren’t motorised brooms,¬†as the futurists of 1900 imagined, AI isn’t about automated humans; Self-driving cars don’t have a robot sitting behind the steering wheel, they solve the driving problem very differently. So we need to make sure that we find better questions before we can assume we are finding better answers – and this post argues that we will be better off doing that by avoiding misleading analogies with brains and robots – and indeed artificial intelligence as a label.

Ines Montani

Data and AI Service design

Making it clear when machines make decisions

Most writing about algorithmic decision making is at a very high level, and often implies that a very wide range of decisions and processes will be affected in very similar ways. This article – originally a submission to a select committee inquiry on the subject – take a more granular approach, looking at how different approaches might be appropriate for different aspects of a hypothetical National Benefits Service, with an emphasis on ensuring that it is always clear how a decision has been reached, as well as what that decision is.

Matthew Sheret – Projects by IF