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Three very different sources of bias in AI, and how to fix them

This is a short sharp summary of how biases affect AI design and what to do about them, reaching the conclusion that government oversight is essential (though not, of course, sufficient). There are interesting parallels with Google’s in house rules for working on AI, so worth reading the two together.

Joanna Bryson – Adventures in NI


Essential reading: my top three email newsletters

Including this link is slightly indulgently self-referential, for reasons which will be apparent to anybody who reads the last fifth of this article – but there is value in the first four fifths regardless of that. More generally, aggregators of good things from across the web are to be welcomed, and others will get mentioned here from time to time. As Benedict Evans once put it, “All curation grows until it requires search. All search grows until it requires curation.” This is where curation is celebrated.

Andrew Besford